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Autonomous License plate reorganization System (ALPRS)

ALPRS is an image – processing technology which is used to identify vehicles by their number plates using Optical Character Recognition.

To develop computerized security system for vehicles using Night Vision Camera and ARM Computer, that will

  • Detect motion first
  • Detect the license plate out of snapshot.
  • Recognize the characters of the License Plate.
  • Store the vehicle license plate number, date and time into database and the database will be searchable.


TitanX is a startup working on a technology in which the hand coordinates, all 27 DOF recorded, are mapped with close-to-zero latency (excluding network latency) onto another prosthetic robotic arm (~15 DOF) over the network & using a unique combination of Virtual Reality & Augmented reality, the user can virtually view, move & feel the robotic arms’ movements and be made to believe like it’s the user’s own hands.

We achieve this by using a pair of simple low resolution 3D Infrared Cameras to track the hand movements of the user, further process& extract the coordinates with extremely low latency using parallel processing techniques & further translate the coordinates into the coordinate system the arm uses. A combination of what all is to be achieved above is somewhat unique & very efficient.


Visumify is a web service that aims to introduce a new way of defining yourself and create a highlighted persona by introducing Visume or visual resume. It’s a platform that will help you accentuate the best aspects of your personality and make it easier for the companies to judge your candor, conduct and chemistry.


Transport vehicle booking android application (Carry, Shehzore, Truck, Hiace, Coasters, and private ambulances)

Toggle Techs

We believe in ‘learn and implement’ experience instead of impractical education. Openly we do not claim any complex technology skill, just a simple work with such different thinking which others can’t do. Providing unique quality products to the planet is not our only vision, we are doing our best every day to make toggleTechs a platform where people can learn from scratch, use their creativity and implement.

The product is an app for crazy people who like to dare and challenge, the projected completion of the product is April 2017.

Smart Sense

We are designing a system for monitoring the different atmospheric parameters like temperature, humidity, smoke etc. remotely using Internet of Things. The system can be installed in the above mentioned target areas. By remotely, we mean that the user can monitor the data and also pinpoint the area of problem without having to be actually in that place by simply accessing the App and connecting to the internet. This is basically a system for monitoring the data but we can also set limits and alarms to the system.


We are tackling the problem of food production by growing food throughout the year in a controlled aquaponics system using NI myRIO. Aquaponics, which is the integration of hydroponics and aquaculture, holds the promise of becoming an economically viable way to consistently grow sustainable, local, and organic food.

Osum technologies Pvt Ltd

This “3D First person shooter Game” project is based on the events and acts of heroism and patriotism displayed by the Pakistan Army during the war of 1965 against India. It is a tribute to the Pakistan Army and all the heroes who laid their lives for the motherland and performed acts of valor and bravery during that war. This game is recognition to the heroes of Pakistan army who fought with courage, bravery and with full heart for the defense of the motherland. There haven’t been any developments even till now on any platform of gaming which rightly acknowledges those soldiers and offers a tribute to our national heroes. So, there is a need for the current generation and the generations to follow to be enlightened about our national heroes and their unforgettable chivalrous acts on an entertainment mode as popular as gaming.

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