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Batch II

Triangle Tech

"Ayna" which is a 3D story based android game. "Ayna" is different because it will give players the story based experience they love in PC games. Physics puzzles and game mechanics is what makes it interesting. We will bring new story and beautiful game design to the table, which will be unique from other smart phone games.


Web application that provides singers with an online portfolio and communication medium. The app will help the aspiring young talent to cut down their costs and to concentrate more on the creativity because entertainment is guaranteed when the work is creative.

Coolie 2.0

No push and lift trolley, autonomous object following robot. This robot following the instruction given to it through device by pairing of signals with in coordinates.


A continuous glucose monitoring device, worn around the arm at all times, accuracy, comfort and reliable. It is painless, hassle free and overall cost effective in the long term compared to present technologies.

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